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Professional Profitable ANIMATED PSD templates for Photographers

Easily create animated cutting edge videos using our animation templates
Animated Templates Unlimited
for immediate download starting @$29
$50 off vol 1
includes 40 templates, video file, fonts, samples and help files with coupon code animated
Animated Templates Unlimited free demo download now Animated Templates Unlimited lightning and storm
Download FREE DEMO of Baseball/Softball GB ATU Download FREE DEMO for creating a sequnce of photos
Add your cutout, feathered or cropped photo, change colors, edit text, optional add layers (i.e. your contact business info, great for advertising) and create an MPEG, MOV, MP4 or GIF to play on any computer, smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Your clients will enjoy sharing these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any social media.  Add your studio's logo and use for marketing!

Timeline in Adobe Photoshop
Animation Timeline Adobe Photoshop CC 
In Adobe Photoshop CC go to Window > Timeline to bring it up
Click somewhere on the Timeline and hit the space bar to start playback and space again to stop
Animation Timeline in Adobe Photoshop CS5 
In Adobe Photoshop CS 5 or 6 go to Window > Animation to bring up Timeline

Adding your cutout or photo to the template
Adding your cutout to the animated template
Drag layer on Timeline
See Adding a Cutout Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube  TRY out FREE DEMO
Zoom Timeline in and out in Photoshop

Editing Text
Edit text in Adobe Photoshop
Some of the templates come with moving text, you can easily add motion to any text layer or any layer.  Right click on the layer you want to add motion to and select from the drop down menu, plau around with this feature to see what you can create.
Adding Motion to layers
You can also fade in and out very easy in the Photoshop CC Timeline
Fading in a photo in Photoshop timeline 
Click on the black/white square to add a fade to your timeline 
Fading in a photo in Photoshop timeline 
We have selected a fade in for Duration: 1 s = 1 second
Drag Fade to the layer(s) you want to apply too
The gray triangle show you have applied the Fade for 1 second 
For a Fade out at the end
Fade out in Photoshop animated timeline 

Changing Colors and Layer Styles
Editing colors gradients on Photoshop
1. Double click on the layer's thumbnail of the Color Overlay layer (you can move this color layer to the top layer to change color(s) of all the layers under it or move it to just change the color(s) of the Animated Background layer, like in this sample.
2. Double click on the rectangle to the right of the word Gradient to bring up the Gradient Editor
3. Pick from one of the preloaded gradients, edit one of them or create your own.
More info on the Gradient Editor
Change layer styles in Photoshop
To see more now changing colors and layer styles please see our YouTube video  FREE Demo
Changing layer styles in Photoshop
Editing layer styles color with Photoshop
If you want to apply the same Layer Style to other layer(s) right click and Copy Layer Style then select the layer(s) you want to paste them too, right click Paste Layer Style
Editing Colors, Gradients and Layer Styles see our YouTube video

Adding a layer mask
Adding a layer mask in Photoshop
Adding a layer mask in Photoshop
Adding a layer mask in Photoshop 
Adding a layer mask in Photoshop 
Adding a layer mask in Photoshop
Adding a layer mask in Photoshop
For more on adding a layer mask see our YouTube video

Feathering a photo in Photoshop
Drag in photo, hit shift key as dropping to center in template
Feathering a photo in Photoshop
With your photo as the selected layer, click on the Thumbnail of the Feather layer.  You should see the marching ants, hit delete.  Optional you can hit delete again to feather more.  Then Select > Deselect
Feathering in Adobe Photoshop 
Feathering a photo
Animated templates includes a Feather layer to quickly feather your photo within the template
With your photo layer as your selected layer, click on the Thumbnail of the Feather layer and then hit delete, if you would like more of a feather then hit delete again
Feathering a photo in Photoshop
Download a FREE Demo for this Animated Templates Unlimited
Feathering a photo in Photoshop
Feathering in Adobe Photoshop see our YouTube Video
NOTE: With 2017 Bubbles ATU when using the 3 photos, add your photo, resize as needed and then 
Control + Click on Thumbnail.  Select > Inverse then Delete
Select > Deselect and repeat for Photo 2 and Photo 1
Feathering a photo in Photoshop

Add Sound/Music
Adding sound or music to an animated Photoshop template
To add a sound(s) go to the bottom of the Timeline and click on the music note to bring up menu, select Add Audio, find the sound file you want to add select it and click Open.

Play Back
Looping playbak in Photoshop
Select somewhere on Timeline and hit the space bar to play back, let it loop a few times
Once happy with output then File > Save As , give it a unique file name and Save As a PSD file

Rendering a video or GIF
How to create a video with Photoshop
 Then (in all versions) File > Export > Render Video to create a video file to play back or create a GIF by File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) in CC
Rendering a video in Photoshop
You can create any video format you prefer, we like high quality MP4 
Animated photo templates for football or any sport
To create a GIF by File > Save for Web & Devices in CS5 & CS6 Extended
Creating a GIF in Photoshop
GIF settings we use for Looping Options we usually select 4 times, but you can select whatever you like 
Now you can post and share your new video!
Animated Templates Unlimited ready to animate in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop CS 5 Extended or above  NOTE must be Extended verisons of CS5 or CS6 or any verison of CC (you can use Adobe Photoshop CC  starting @ $9.99 a month)
$50 off vol 1 includes 40 templates, video file, fonts, samples and help files with coupon code animated
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Templates Unlimited by ArtisticAction.com are fully layered Photoshop / Elements templates for all sports/events

Themed templates for 33 different sports, more than anywhere else

Templates for creating poster, memory mate, magazine cover, trader, ticket, calendar, button, mug, mouse pad, t-shirt, team and championship templates that can be used for all levels -- Pee Wee, Little League, Pop Warner, youth sports, elementary, junior varsity, varsity, college, semi-pro & pro

Unlimited Colors you have total control over the colors  |  Use Year after year | Add and remove any layers you want i.e. mascot, logo, stadium, score board, etc.  |  300DPI resolution

Requires Adobe Photoshop or Elements to edit templates  Download a 30 FREE trial  |  PC & MAC compatibale

ALL templates  are ROYALTY-FREE  for photographers only no labs please |
Now available to labs our ED Borders to use with Express Digital software

Any questions, need recommendations or custom work just contact Chris
Satisfaction Guaranteed Return policy 
Frequently asked questions
or contact us @ info@artisticaction.com 

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