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The perfect sales tool to help you get more business, make more money and save you 100s of hours in design work!

Exclusive Marketing kit                


  • Over 350 ready to print samples (JPEGs) for our Templates Unlimited, buttons, calendars, tickets, our newer Templates Unlimited sets, all the Pro & Pro Sports poster sets in all sizes, team photos and more..
  • The Pride style of poster ready to print samples (JPEGs)  + PSD flyer and order form ready to edit to suit your business
  • Two Three style of poster ready to print samples (JPEGs) + PSD flyer and order form ready to edit to suit your business
  • Ready to edit in PSD format to suit your business needs:
    • Order forms
    • Flyers
    • Post cards
    • Business cards
    • Contracts / Agreement
    • Proposals / Letter of Intent
    • Ordering envelopes
  • Themed marketing kits just for:
    • HS Seniors
    • Baseball/Softball
    • Basketball
    • Cheer
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Each themed marketing kit includes print samples of all images included on the order form, flyer & post card, order form, post card, flyer just for that sport.
  • Web samples ready to post on your website
  • Suggested pricing for posters (border, Two Three & Pride), memory mates, magazine covers, traders, tickets, buttons, locker posters, etc.
  • Suggested photo packages and pricing
  • NOTE: Print & web samples are for you to use to show your clients how photos might look with our templates. You are welcome to use these samples until you can put together your own so that clients then know what your work (photos) will look like with the templates.
  • Requires Adobe Photoshop or Elements / PC and Mac compatible

Proposals, letter of intent, contacts, agreement, senior postcards, flyers, ordering envelopes ready to edit in Photoshop or Elements to suit your business needs, also webpage samples, 10 themed marketing kits and more...  

Proposal, agreement, letter of intent for baseball softball tournament templates ready to edit 


Only $59 for immediate download 

Buy 2 get 1 $59 set free choose from over 125 Templates Unlimited set and Pro poster kits
marketing kit postcard  marketing ad  Order form and flyers samples ready to edit PSD
Over a dozen ready to edit PSD postcards to hand-out and mail to clients Ready to edit ad for posting newspapers and team/school programs Over a dozen ready to edit PSD flyers and order forms

This is a small sample of what you'll receive with the Exclusive Marketing kit...Flyers, order forms, post cards, ads, etc...and tons of print samples including all that are shown on flyers, order forms, post cards, etc.

Includes 10 themed marketing kit!

Below is what you'll receive for baseball/softball
front page newspaper template PSD


All templates are 300DPI

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