Changing colors & custom colors

These steps are for creating a finished print using Templates Unlimited templates with Photoshop CS (but steps apply to most version of PS and Elements) -- sample used Baseball/Softball 04 trading card front

They apply for all our Templates Unlimited and can be used with Photoshop or Elements

Changing colors:






1. Click on the "Color Border" layer once then click on the white & gray checker box area on this layer called "Layer Thumbnail"

This should bring up your Gradient Fill popup




2. Click on the long box to the right of the word "Gradient:" and this will bring up your Gradient Editor



3. Select color combo (gradient) to use for this print by clicking on the gradient to use.

If you find a Color Combo (gradient) that you are happy with click on OK twice after adding the color and then skip to step 8, if not then continue on to see how to create a custom color combo (gradient).


NOTE: See basic instructions to loading new gradients that come with you Templates Unlimited.

Download basic instructions, color combos (gradients) and layer styles.




Custom colors

4.  To create a custom color select any gradient.  Then click on the little box hanging off the bottom of the long gradient bar -- our example uses blue and white.  So click on the little blue box just above were is reads "Stops"


5.  Click on the color box on the bottom next to where is reads "Color:"


This will bring up your Color Picker popup and your "Eye Dropper" tool -- use this to select on the photo the color to match. 

6. Keep picking with the Eye Dropper until you get the color you like.

Click on OK on Color Picker when satisfied with the color

Repeat for other side of Color Combo (gradient -- white side) if necessary.

7.  Once happy with new Color Combo (gradient) then save as a new gradient.

To do this highlight where is reads Custom (next to Name: in Gradient Editor popup) and type in any name you like i.e. the Team name and then click on New to add to gradients to reuse this gradient each time you create a print for any player or sport for this team.



8.  Click on OK after adding new gradient/ to close Gradient Editor
9. Click on OK on Gradient Fill popup -- optional can try Reverse or changing angle


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