Opening Template and photo 

These steps are for creating a finished print using Templates Unlimited templates with Photoshop CS (but steps apply to most version of PS and Elements) -- sample used Baseball/Softball 04 trading card front

They apply for all our Templates Unlimited

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Download sample template and photo to follow along with instructions:

Start by opening Photoshop or Elements  (more help on opening a template or photo)

1. Open Template Unlimited to be used to create a finished print -- will be asked if you want to Update -- click on Update if you will be changing text.

2. Open the photo you would like to add to template.

Crop image to size of template

3. Select the Crop tool -- either use a size from the drop down menu or enter the Width, Height and Resolution


For example: if using a 5" x 7" vertical template then crop your photo to:

  • Width = 5 inches
  • Height = 7 inches
  • Resolution = 300 DPI

if using a 12" x 18" horizontal template then crop your photo to:

  • Width = 18 inches
  • Height = 12 inches
  • Resolution = 300 DPI
NOTE: Demo is using the trader card front size

Width = 2.75

Height = 3.75

Resolution = 300 DPI

so crop to this size if using sample files

4. Make your crop selection on photo -- move and reposition until you get the right look you like.

5. Once you are happy with selection -- hit enter or the Check Mark in the upper middle.







NOTE: Crop a little loose around your image to leave room for your border. 

Adding photo into template

Adding photo into template -- once crop is done do any color correcting as needed.

6. On your Layers Palette for your template click on "PlacePicHere" layer (this will place your photo in the correct layer order)

On your layers for the photo there should only be one called "Background" click on this layer once and drag while still holding your mouse down over to your template once its over the template hit the shift key (this will center your photo in the template)





NOTE: If your layers palette is not open then go to the top menu under Window and check Layers (or F7 key)

7. Let go of the mouse and your photo should now be centered in your template and should be called "Layer 1"

If you didn't get the results you wanted delete the photo from the template and try again.

Minimize photo or close (optional save changes or save as a new photo)

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