Opening photo or Template

These steps are for creating a finished print using Templates Unlimited templates with Photoshop CS (but steps apply to most version of PS and Elements) -- sample used Baseball/Softball 04 trading card front

They apply for all our Templates Unlimited

Need help understanding layers & the layer palette?  Please go to 

Download sample template and photo to follow along with instructions:

In both PS and Elements to open a file in this case a template and photo use File > Open and browse to photo or template to open

Browse to photo or template on your hard drive, CD or DVD





For easier browsing you can click on Thumbnails (Windows only)






Browse to photo or template once found either double click on it or click once

and then click on the Open button






Repeat to open template (if not already open) and additional photos if necessary.

You should be able to see both your template and photo on the screen.  If not click on the Restore Down button and move so that you can see both.


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