These steps are for creating a finished print using Templates Unlimited templates with Photoshop CS (but steps apply to most version of PS and Elements) -- sample used Baseball/Softball 04 trading card front

They apply for all our Templates Unlimited and can be used with Photoshop or Elements


1. Click on the photo layer to change

2. Click on Edit> Transform > Scale


3.  Click on the "Maintain aspect ratio" button (the link button in between the width (W) and height (H) percentages (%).  If the "Maintain aspect ratio" button isn't available in your version then just be sure that you keep the W and H % equal.  So that you don't distort your image.

Then enter your % to decrease or increase size of image (to increase we recommend scaling 110% at a time and can repeat this several times.



3a.  Or use the resize/scale handle to change size, after clicking on the "Maintain aspect ratio" button



4.  Once you have resize/scaled to the size you are happy with then hit the Enter key or click on the check mark at the top center (Commit current crop operation)

Repeat as necessary

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