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I'm Chris Rozema Mom to 4 and Nana to 3. Would rather be outside taking photos but it is winter time in Michigan.

Began as a self-taught graphic artist in the early 2000's, 1st graphics software was Ulead Photoimpact and then moved to Adobe Photoshop.   Started getting into working with sports photographers around the country to create custom posters using their photos and my graphics (templates).   They paid me $50 to $75 to create, depending on size and # of images and would sell the posters for $150 up to $300.      See early work using templates I designed then added their photos  for Baseball   and for Soccer 

At the same time started working with a local photographer using her photos and my graphics to create posters for our kids' high school (Rockford).   Thought I could get better photos, so put my money where my mouth is, and starting taking the photos to create the 1000s of posters over the years. 

My motto was to never create/sell anything that I would not be proud to hang on my own wall!  Worked hard to make sure that Templates Unlimited by are truly unlimited -- in colors, text, adding any layers to customize/personalize them (i.e. add venue, scoreboard, logo, mascot, schedule, results, etc...), royalty-free, use year after year, many with full background to create any collage, like what I call The Two Three style of poster (named  that because usually I used 2 or 3 feathered photos to create) and The Pride style of poster (named  that because1 would cutout 1 photo to stand out being The Pride and 1 or 3 feathered photos) or can keep it simple and just use the border layer over 1 photo.  Can also use the full background layer (included in many of the templates) to create your own custom border.  That is where the name Templates Unlimited came from.

My hope is that these templates will inspire you to be more creative and help you easily offer exciting and unique products to your clients and special keepsakes for your kids.  A photo is a great start to help you turn action into art!  That is were the name Artistic Action can from.

1st digital camera was a Sony Digital Mavica that I borrowed -- which stored photos on 3.5" floppy disk, moved up to a Canon 10D, then an Olympus E-1, switched back to Canon with a 20D, then the Mark II, Mark III and currently the 1DX

Some of my 1st creations for Rockford, my home town
Rockford Rams Basketball State Champions 2003 poster created by Chris Rozema Kyle Rozema Joe Staley Homecoming Rockford Rams football
Here is the 1st State Championship poster I created using the Sony @ MSU's Beslin Center from the nose bleed seats. A couple of posters I created - my son Kyle (still hanging on my livingroom wall) and Joe Staley (currently #74 for the San Francisco 49ers) using one of my 1st designs now called All Action poster kit  FYI the name used on most of the templates is Jim Stanley based on Joe Staley.  And I was using East Side Wildcats (as team and mascot) years before High School Musical  ; ) Created this panoramic for Rockford Rams homecoming in 2003

 More of earlier posters with photos I took and using templates I designed for Templates Unlimited by

Created these for my beautiful grandbabies
Baby announcement created for my 1st grandchild Gift I created for my granddaughters 1st birthday Invitation I created for my grandsons 1st birthday Poster I created using Series 15 Templates Unlimited Football 15 poster template ready to edit in Photoshop or Elements
Baby announcement I created to announce my 1st grandchild is available as a template
Custom 1st birthday gift  for my granddaughter Evelyn, I matched her party's themed colors Custom invitation created for my grandson Callan's 1st birthday, I matched his party's theme and colors Created this as a Christmas gift for my grandson Carson of his 1st season of flag football using Football 15 template
Designs/Ideas/Inspirations created for my children that I turned into templates
Collage poster created for my daughters high school graduation Collage graduation announcement for my son Pro Lines poster kit created from my daughter senior photos
Front page Newspaper template
Rockford football back-to-back State Champions, my son was a part of this team.
It was his senior year and my favorite moment from 10 years of shooting Rockford football.
I got to hug & congratulate him on the field, all the other parents had to wait until they got back to the high school, a 3 1/2 hour drive.
— at Ford Field.
Pro 6 poster kit created for my daughter from the senior photos I took Announcement postcard created for graduation announcement when my son graduated from MSU

Template available to use for announcements, marketing and invites or if you are a do-it-yourself type we have the step-by-step instructions for create them too
Pro Lines poster kit, also created from my daughter's senior photos

Template available to use for collages or if you are a do-it-yourself type we have the step-by-step instructions for create them too
Of the 33 different sports themed templates available -- I have taken and used my photos for 21 of them In the early years of designing templates, photographers would contact me asking for templates for their sports/events and would give me photos to use in the samples in exchange for templates Other themed or generic templates I used my photo to create the samples Photo samples I still need and would trade templates for to use in those templates
ATV (vacation)
Band (school)
Baseball and Softball (school and tournament)
Basketball (school)
Bowling (state finals)
Cheer (sideline, competitive and state finals)
Equestrian team
Football (school, newspaper and state finals)
Golf (school and state finals)
Gymnastics (school)
Hockey (school)   
Lacrosse (school)

Motorcycle (senior photos)
Rodeo team
Rugby (school and tournament)
Soccer (school and state finals)
Swimming and Diving (school)
Tennis (school)
Track & Field (school and state finals)
Volleyball (school)
Wrestling (school)

Australian Rule Football
Classic Cars
Skiing and Winter sports/events
(Snow Flake template shown with my daughter's photo)




All Events / Generic / Fire / Lightning / Water




Fishing and Hunting


Gun Show


Kids / Pre-School / Day Care


Prom / Homecoming

Seniors (high school)

Wedding / Engagements / Couples

Boy and Girl Scouts
Classic Cars
Field Hockey
Fire Fighter
Karate, Martial Arts

Old West


Sweet 16/Quinceanera






If you can help with photos for any of these and/or have ideas for new templates please contact me

How tos
See how I created the template background for Baseball 11 Templates Unlimited set on our YouTube channel

See how I created the baseball background

See all for the Series 11 template sets

How to create a senior collage

See how to create a senior collage
How to create a photo postcard for announcements, invitations and marketing

See how to create a photo postcard for announcements, invitations and marketing

  Also can connect  with me and Artistic Action:  Will be sharing and showing more of my work and back stories.  Thank you for being a big part of Templates Unlimited by

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