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Help and FAQ...
Do you have suggested pricing, packages and sample website for selling online? Yes, we have that posted @  http://www. /2010/Shock/index.htm
The samples are shown for basbeall & softball but can apply to all sports/events

And Justed pricing
I'm new to a sport do you have any photos posted to get ideas and EXIF info to show your setting? Yes, we have 1000s of photos and the EXIF of each @ http://www. /exif.htm  We have photos posted for baseball & softball, basketball, cheer, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, tennis, track & field, volleyball, wrestling, high school seniors and misc photos...
How to I get my download links? Links (if available) will be on your receipt (the last page when ordering) it'll read Download Template click on that to download templates.  If you time out or miss it then please email orders@ with ordering info and we'll send you the links to the email address used in order and request.  NOTE: Links for the free sets will not be emailed.  If you missed the link just order the free set again.
I just downloaded my templates & don't know where they downloaded to.  How to I find them? You can download another file and take note of where it saved it to and your templates should be in the same folder or see a tutorial @ http://www.pcshareware.com/download.htm
When I try to open my templates I get an error message "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document" The templates are always zipped/compressed for faster downloading.  You will need to unzip/uncompress each template you downloaded to open and edit in Photoshop or Elements.  You do not need to purchase any additional software to unzip/uncompress.
If you are unsure how to unzip a file please see these 3rd party tutorials:
Unzip on Windows  |  Unzip on Mac
When I double click on my template it tries to open it in Lightroom or another program and not Photoshop or Elements.  How to I fix this? You need to change the file association for a PSD file (change the default program).  If unsure how to change this please see the 3rd party tutorials.
File associations on Windows  |  File associations on Mac
If I need to download my templates again? email orders@ with ordering info and we'll send you the links to the email address used in order and request. 

You can download your templates again for FREE if order was placed within the last 3 years, if longer ago then there will be a $29 fee or better yet place a new order of at least $29 and we'll email the links again for the old order FREE.
Can I try before I buy? Yes, there are demos and freebies available ready to edit in Adobe Photoshop or Elements.
I don't have Photoshop or Elements, do your templates work with other programs? Sorry no, while you might be able to open and edit some things on the template they are going to look there best unless you are using Adobe Photoshop or Elements.  Adobe offers 30 day free trials of Photoshop and Elements and you will be able to edit the templates and crate finished products with their trial versions.
Which should I use Photoshop or Elements? If just starting out and only doing for your kids and their teams, then Elements is fine. But if you really want to do this to make money and become a pro then we recommend Photoshop CS3 or above to get the most from the templates and photo editing.   Download a 30 day free trial of Adobe Photoshop or Elements.
I purchased from you before can I get a discount for my next order? Please contact orders@ with your last ordering info and we'll let you if you qualify for a discount.
What is the difference between a Templates Unlimited set that is download only and a set that is shipped & downloaded? They are the same templates  i.e. the 8 x 10 memory mate for All Events 08 that you download, will be the same memory you receive on your CD/DVD.  But with most sets of Templates Unlimited if you order it to be be shipped too you'll  receive the coordinating signature series (if available) and 18 x 12 horizontal poster template since these are usually no longer available for download unless they are the new featured Templates Unlimited sets.
Can I download the templates again, if for some reason I lose them? Yes you can download them again as many times as you need.  Just email us and let us know your name and email you ordered them under and the order number if available.

You can download your templates again for FREE if order was placed within the last 3 years, if longer ago then there will be a $29 fee or better yet place a new order of at least $29 and we'll email the links again for the old order FREE.
How do it get started with my templates? We have several tutorials available @ https://www.templatesunlimited.com/tutorials.html
Where can I get mats for 12" x 18" posters? Redi-Mat.com
Where can I get poster frames? FrameUSA.com
Who do I contact if I have any questions or problems? chris@
Where to get them printed? We recommend using a pro lab , see are recommended labs @ https://www.templatesunlimited.com/printing.html
Tutorials, Videos & How To's https://www.templatesunlimited.com/tutorials.html
  Demo & step-by-step instructions
  More tutorials & FREE videos
  Better tutorials & videos to get the most from your templates
  Start selling faster -- Marketing kit
MORE FAQ & Help for questions:

What to include in your proposal for schools, tournaments, leagues etc.
Rookie mistakes, common
mistakes and stuff to rethink
Here is a good way to introduce yourself to a new team or show your new products
On your website some of the things to include
Why network with other photographers?


http://www. /help.htm

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Templates Unlimited are fully layered Photoshop / Elements templates for all sports/events

Templates for creating poster, memory mate, magazine cover, trader, ticket, calendar, button, mug, mouse pad, t-shirt, team and championship templates that can be used for all levels -- Pee Wee, Little League, Pop Warner, youth sports, elementary, junior varsity, varsity, college, semi-pro & pro

Unlimited Colors you have total control over the colors  |  Use Year after year | Add and remove any layers you want i.e. mascot, logo, stadium, score board, etc.  |  300DPI resolution

Requires Adobe Photoshop or Elements to edit templates  Download a 30 FREE trial  |  PC & MAC compatibale

ALL templates  are ROYALTY-FREE  for photographers only no labs please |
Now available to labs our ED Borders to use with Express Digital software


Any questions, need recommendations or custom work just contact Chris
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