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What you'll see when you open your Templates Unlimited poster template in Photoshop or Elements

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If the Layers palette isn't open then please go to top menu Windows > Layers (make sure there is a check mark by Layers)

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Templates Unlimited layers explained The PINK layers
Are the text layers, top layers

They can be edited, change Layer Style, change font, make bigger or smaller, add more text and/or remove text.

More instructions on editing text

The GREEN layers
Are the border layers

They only need to be used when using a Border over a photo and the Color Border layer only needs to be used when adding color to the Border layer.

If adding a logo, schedule, results (team's schedule with win/loss record), mascot image, etc.  it would be added above these layers.

More instructions on editing colors

The ORANGE layer
Is the PlacePicHere layer and should be the active (filled with blue) when you open your template.  If it is not then click on it to make the active layer before you add your photo.

The YELLOW layers
Are the background layers, bottom layers

 The Color Background layer adds color to the Background layer.  Only needs to be used if using the Background layer.

The Background layer offers so many options -- create The Pride Style and Two Three style posters or create your own style of poster.  Make a copy of the Background layer (so that it is unlocked to edit) and create new border layers.

With some of the templates there are additional layers like with the Chalk Board series...

The SKY BLUE layers
Are optional layers

They can be moved, removed, resized, change layer styles, dragged into (or copy & paste into) other templates.

The RED layer
Is an optional text layer

There can be more than one additional text layer.  This (these) layer(s) can be used to add special touches to mark any and all accomplishments of the season i.e. championships, personal best/records, team's best or records.

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