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Loading Layer Styles and custom colors

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FREE downloads  Series 18 Layer Styles  |   Powdered Layer Styles   |  Paint Splatter
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Loading Layer Styles in Adobe Photoshop Elements FREE Layer Styles
Open template to edit
Shown Pro Poster kit Soccer 18  NOTE: with Pro Poster Soccer 18 to change the Blend Mode from Color to Normal

Loading Layer Styles  Loading Layer Styles 
Click on layer to change and then Styles
In Photoshop double click on layer to bring up Layer Styles palette
Click for drop download menu Elements
Load Styles
Loadign Layer Styles 
Elements Photoshop
Browse to folder downloaded to 
Browse to folder that you downloaded the Layer Styles to
Ready to use 
Your Layer Styles are now ready to apply, just select the the one you want to use

FREE downloads  Series 18 Layer Styles  |   Powdered Layer Styles   |  Paint Splatter
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Applying Layer Styles to other layers
Right click select Copy Layer Style  Paste Layer Style 
Right click on layer that you want to copy Layer Style from, select Copy Layer Style Then select layer (or if you want this on more than 1 layer, select all the layers to paste to) right click, select Paste Layer Style

Creating custom colors and changing colors on templates

Baseball/Softball 18
Clear Layer Style
Open template to edit
Shown Baseball/Softball 18 Templates Unlimited poster template
When ready to change a color, in this example we are changing the color of the Baseball/Softball Strings on the border layer
Right click and select Clear Layer Style
Click on thumbnail String are now white
In this example after clearing Layer Style the strings are now white, the color maybe different for different templates

Control + Click on that Layer's Thumbnail and will see the "marching ants" around your selection
Edit > Fill Selection Fill with Color
Edit > Fill Selection from top menu
in Photoshop Edit > Fill
Select Color from the drop down menu
Use eye dropper to pick color
Use eye dropper to pick color that you want the layer to be filled with, in this example we want to match the gold color on the player's hat, click OK, OK again
Deselect Control + D ot Select > Deselect
Change Blend Mode to Color Powdered Change Colors
OPTIONAL: Change Blend Mode from Normal to Color and done, repeat for any other layers that you want to change colors
Play around with the different Blend Modes to see which look you like the best
In this example we are changing the Red Powder color to a bright green
Clear layer style   Edit > Fill    Color  Select color and OK
More on Series 18 More on Powdered Series
Color Overlay changing colors with Paint Splatter
With Adobe Photoshop Layer Styles include a Color Overlay feature making it easy to change to any color, or select a color from the Paint Splatter Layer Styles  more on Paint Splatter

 Save as a new master for that team/school (after changing the Team/School name) so that you will not need to repeat these steps for the next player  File > Save As  a PSD file with layers

FREE download  Series 18 Layer Styles  |   Powdered Layer Styles  |  Paint Splatter
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Baseball/Softball 2018 ready to add to any photo, poster or template in Photoshop or Elements Soccer 2018 ready to add to any photo, poster or template in Photoshop or Elements
2018 Baseball/Softball and 2018 Soccer FREE, add to any photo, poster, template, etc -- even if from a competitor, easily change colors too!
Footballl 2018 ready to add to any photo, poster or template in Photoshop or Elements  Footballl 2018 ready to add to any photo, poster or template in Photoshop or Elements 
FREE 2018 Football for immediate download

change Football to any color and Strings to any color-- can be added to any template, photo, banner, composite, etc., even if from a competitor

Great for seniors, championships, tournament and more

Sample shown is with our Cloud Backgrounds and Overlays for only $9

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Templates Unlimited by ArtisticAction.com are fully layered Photoshop / Elements templates for all sports/events

Themed templates for 33 different sports, more than anywhere else

Templates for creating poster, memory mate, magazine cover, trader, ticket, calendar, button, mug, mouse pad, t-shirt, team and championship templates that can be used for all levels -- Pee Wee, Little League, Pop Warner, youth sports, elementary, junior varsity, varsity, college, semi-pro & pro

Unlimited Colors you have total control over the colors  |  Use Year after year | Add and remove any layers you want i.e. mascot, logo, stadium, score board, etc.  |  300DPI resolution

Requires Adobe Photoshop or Elements to edit templates  Download a 30 FREE trial  |  PC & MAC compatibale

ALL templates  are ROYALTY-FREE  for photographers only no labs please |
Now available to labs our ED Borders to use with Express Digital software


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