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Printing...recommended labs, self printing & printing questions

Pro labs for printing your posters and prints (4" x 6" up to 24" x 36" sizes) -- we recommend several

MPix more info on MPix @ http://www.mpix.com

Nations Photo Lab more info @ http://www.nationsphotolab.com/index.aspx

WHCC more info @ http://www.whcc.com

Pro lab for printing your buttons, tickets and traders  -- we recommend MPix specially for printing buttons, tickets and traders. More info on MPix @ http://www.mpix.com

Pro lab for printing locker, ticket posters  & panoramics (5" x 15" & 8" x 16" sizes) --  we recommend Nations Photo Lab 

We recommend marketing Locker posters & Ticket posters (8" x 16" size) to be sold in 3's. One for your locker, one for home and one for a friend or relative. As in buy 2 get the 3rd FREE.  Suggested retail price for 1 $24.99 (or more),  $34.53 profit on 3 (based on $5.15 print price)
We recommend printing on Lustre paper for locker posters since these will be hanging in a locker and the finger prints will not show. No framing needed.   More info on Nations Photo Lab @ http://www.nationsphotolab.com/index.aspx

How to self print -- we recommend using a professional lab for any items that you are selling to customers.  But if doing it yourself be sure you use quality printer, photo paper and ink.  If using an Epson printer, then use Epson paper and ink too.

If printing your own traders please see our help file posted on your Yahoo group @ http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/artisticaction/files

Do I have to use the template that is the same size for what I want printed? Or can I just use one template to print several different sizes i.e. 5x7, 8x10 & 12x18? -- you will have to use the different templates in the different sizes to create the different size final prints.  The reason some text might get cut off and might not be centered correctly.

The 5x7 template is designed to create a 5x7 print. An 8x10 template is designed to create an 8x10, 16x20 or 24x30 print the reason this works for more than one size is because all 3 of these sizes are the same proportion/ratio 4:5. A 12x18 is designed to create 12x18, 20x30, 24x36 and can be used for 4x6 and 8x12, since these are all the same proportion/ratio 2:3


I would like to create and offer large posters like 20" x 30" and 24" x 36" to my customers.  What do I need to do to the template?  How do I get the final poster to the printer?  Do don't need to do anything different that you do for the 12" x 18" posters.  Put you poster together then save as high quality JPEG and send to printer telling them you want it printed as a 20" x 30" or 24" x 36".  Just make sure that the template you are using is the same proportion as the final print you want, otherwise parts of it could be cutoff.  The same applies to using an 8 x 10 template for a 16 x 20 or 24 x 30.

For more help or questions on printing please join our Yahoo group @ http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/artisticaction or contact us


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Templates Unlimited by ArtisticAction.com are fully layered Photoshop / Elements templates for all sports/events

Themed templates for 33 different sports, more than anywhere else

Templates for creating poster, memory mate, magazine cover, trader, ticket, calendar, button, mug, mouse pad, t-shirt, team and championship templates that can be used for all levels -- Pee Wee, Little League, Pop Warner, youth sports, elementary, junior varsity, varsity, college, semi-pro & pro

Unlimited Colors you have total control over the colors  |  Use Year after year | Add and remove any layers you want i.e. mascot, logo, stadium, score board, etc.  |  300DPI resolution

Requires Adobe Photoshop or Elements to edit templates  Download a 30 FREE trial  |  PC & MAC compatibale

ALL templates  are ROYALTY-FREE  for photographers only no labs please |
Now available to labs our ED Borders to use with Express Digital software


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